Dual Strong Nylon Leash For Walking Dogs

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Product Description:

Item Type: Pet Double Leash
Material: PP
Color: Black, Blue-Black, Red-Black, Red-Yellow
Feature: Durable
Target Audience: Dogs
Length:140 cm/55.12*1 cm/0.39


1. 1.2 meters lengthening traction, dogs range of activities is wider than before, and you can walk the dogs freely.

2. The handle adopts high-density EVA foam handle material. It is not easy to injure hands, and it is hard to get rid of hands, which is breathable and beautiful.

3. The leash can be for you to walk two dogs at the same time, and it is no-tangle, which can save time and is convenient.
4. With high-quality material, this leash is durable and not easy to damage.

5. The leash can keep dogs be around you when you are outdoor, which can prevent them being lost or biting other people.


Package Include:
1 x pet double leash


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Ideal to draw the Perros shallow grid


Made walking with my two dogs easier


Quality product has held up to some serious pulling so far!


It’s very easy to hold. Works well with my two dogs even though they are very different sizes and energy. Doesn’t get twisted which is nice compared to using two leashes at once or a connector.


I was skeptical that this would solve my issues with walking 2 dogs but was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked! I wish they made one with one side longer than the other so my Aussie can’t constantly try to “herd” my terrier. But as far as not getting crossed and tangled this worked great!


Makes it very easy to walk my two dogs. They can be pullers and these leash has held up very well.


BEST Double leash EVER!!!! They never get tangled up!!!! So easy to walk them both now!!! Wish I had bought one of these years ago!!! Just AWESOME!!!!


Walking a 3-year-old 45 lb dog and a puppy is a challenge but this leash is working great!


Perfect for walking two dogs at once! Petzir.com has become my favorite pet store.


This works great for two medium to large dogs at once. Five stars for Petzir.com!

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