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1.Grooming brush only can comb pet hair can also massage your pet’s body.

2.With a cleaning button then you can remove the hair on the brush by simply pressing this button making the self-cleaning brush more durable and longer life

3.The fine and curved stainless steel bristles can reach deep into pet’s fur to groom the undercoat well without scratching your pet’s skin.

Dog Cat Hair Removal Comb

Dog Cat Hair Removal Comb

Dog Cat Hair Removal Comb

Dog Cat Hair Removal Comb

Dog Cat Hair Removal CombDog Cat Hair Removal CombDog Cat Hair Removal CombDog Cat Hair Removal CombDog Cat Hair Removal Comb

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I'm always on the lookout for new pet combs and brushes because my cats shed fur everywhere and don't particularly like being combed. This comb really collects a lot of fur - and my cats like it! The teeth are soft and don't scratch or irritate their skin. I was surprised that such a low-priced grooming device worked as well as it does. I definitely recommend giving this comb a try.


This works very well and the cats love it.


I'm sure if my cat could type she'd give this brush 5 stars. So, I'll do it for her. My fussy cat LOVES it when I brush her with this brush. The purring starts, she stretches out so I can really do a good job. The flexible teeth of the brush gently remove hair without pulling or scratching her skin. I ordered a couple for my friends with cats too.


Easy to use and gentle on skin, but still removes fur.


I bought this comb for my beautiful long-haired cat. She is a diva, so when we use it has to be her idea.


My cat is a fan of brushing and loves this comb, he lays still for quite a while. I like it so much I bought one for my Daughters cat and my son's cat!


Easy to use and comfortable for my dog, more gentle for deshedding….


Great comb. Easy to hold & it gets the job done with ease. My long-haired Siamese loves it.


I love this comb. I have 5 cats and they won't let me comb them. As soon as I start combing them they go away. With this comb, they will stay for a long time and even come back for more. It really does get the Matts out. Usually, when you start to use a comb you don't get much hair out at first until you start to loosen the hair. This comb starts getting the hair out with the first swipe.


I bought this for my little Shi-tsu dog and for my neighbor's cats. my little dog absolutely loves getting her nightly massage. she gets ready on the bed for her nightly grooming. I find the little comb easy to hold and super easy to clean. I highly recommend this little comb for dogs and cats.


These combs are great. Our cats don't like to be groomed. They will allow us to use the combs on them, slowly building up the strokes we can take. It's a big step in the right direction. When they shed in the spring we should be able to comb them a lot.


My cat seems to love it since he’s actually letting me groom him without getting testy for once. He mats super easily and this seems to gently pick it apart rather than a tug. So I’m pretty happy I finally get to remove existing ones and prevent new ones without a struggle.


Best cat comb ever! I cannot tell you how many cats brushes etc. I bought it and was thoroughly disappointed with it. I was absolutely amazed at how much our cat loved this comb. We use to have to chase her around the house to get maybe two brushes, but with this comb, all I have to do is show it to her and she comes over to let me comb her. For being a short-haired cat she sheds a lot and this comb does a great job of getting the loose hair. It's easy to clean and I would highly recommend it.


Both my cats love this! If I pick it up when my female cat is across the room, she runs and jumps on my lap begging to be combed.


I found a comb that my cat loves and allows me to use on her. I have had several long-haired cats with matted fur that I could not get the Matts out of. With my new cat, I am determined to keep her well groomed and hopefully Matt-free. These combs are easy to handle and easy to clean and my cat sits still while I am using them.


Nice Massaging comb! I have cat brushes and they all work great. This one is plastic and gives a nice massage while also getting a little fur but not too much, but not sure that’s the full purpose of it. It is GREAT to stimulate their coat and skin, especially where they can’t reach.

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