How to Get Virtual Veterinary Care for Your Pets

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the course of regular medicine for humans. More and more people are now shifting towards telemedicine using various online platforms such as zoom for online consultations. In the same way, the pets are also getting virtual treatment.

Angela Hildenbrand, DVM, a renowned veterinarian at West Village Veterinary Hospital in New York City, says, “All our pet clients are now getting remote assistance, and we are planning to continue these services even by the end of this pandemic.”

Naturally, these virtual healthcare services for our pets benefit their owners due to their convenience. In this article, we will describe to you the ways through which you can get veterinary care for your pets virtually.

It is not a bad idea to get medical assistance for your furry friends, birds, or fish, but there are some restrictions that we have to keep in mind. In an online video call, the vet cannot perform any diagnostic test on the vet, nor is he able to understand the chronic disease of any of your pets. However, you can get 24/7 treatment using virtual veterinary care. The fees for online treatment are also less compared with your visits to the clinics.


What Is Virtual Veterinary Care For Pets?

Virtual veterinary care for pets is also known as telemedicine. This procedure involves getting a consultation from a professional vet using your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. This type of medical assistance is peace of mind for many pet owners as they are sure that they can get the treatment just at a click’s distance.

Ease of Treatment

Some people want to take their pet to a vet clinic nearby. Yes, it is the best option only if you have enough time. If you have a busy weekend and do not want to take your pet, then choose the online services.

A furry friend can get ill even in the middle of the night; the local vet is not available at that time, so you can conveniently approach the vet via the virtual channel. If you do not have any emergency which needs personal assistance, virtual veterinary care gives you the best and most convenient alternative to your regular vets.

How to Choose Online Veterinary Services?

Well, there are a lot of online healthcare providers for your pets. Still, you have to select the one which is a licensed professional veterinarian, including the doctors and technical staff. In addition, there must be a clear-cut fee structure.

The most important thing is that your virtual vet should have connections with the local vets in your area in case your pet needs any emergency treatment. Similarly, he should not promise any such treatment which does not lie in his domain.

Benefits of Virtual Veterinary Healthcare


You have peace of mind when you connect with your pet healthcare provider via a data connection at your home. You do not need to book an appointment and wait for your turn. Virtual healthcare or telemedicine allows you to get pet treatment in no time, even if you live remotely from your local veterinarian.

Health and Safety

In the virtual healthcare system, our safety does not compromise like clinic visits. No matter how careful we are, there is always a risk of getting a contagious disease during the physical visit.

Low Stress

It is a stressful activity for some pets when waiting in the room for their turn. But in virtual veterinary services, there is no stress of a car ride or nervousness of seeing other animals.

Quality Healthcare

In a virtual visit, dealing with a professional, the level of healthcare is the same as a physical appearance in the clinic. You can discuss your pet’s symptoms and ask questions by showing the vet video of your pet.

Final Words

Getting virtual veterinary assistance for your pets is not a new concept. But the covid-19 pandemic broadly highlighted the need for telemedicine. You can get the virtual treatment for your pet using various online platforms of video and audio chat on your tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

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