How to Protect Your Dog From Hot Weather

For some people, summer might be their favorite season, as it brings energy to the body. The atmosphere is free from allergy particles such as pollens, giving a chance for fresh breath. In addition, our lovely companions, like the dogs, join us in basking in the sunlight.

Besides the fruits summer brings, the worst is its immense heat, which can also affect our canine buddies. So it becomes crucial to protect the dog from heat stroke. This article will share some aspects of protecting your dog from hot weather.


How to Protect Your Dog From Hot Weather

Some dog species, such as French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Shih Tzus, are more vulnerable to heat. We love our pets, primarily our loyal canine companions, so we do not want them to be in trouble. Therefore, with the rising temperatures, we must provide them with adequate cooling measures to remain healthy and fit during this weather.

Some Ways To Protect Dogs From Hot Weather

Here are some of the ways from which you can cool down your pet dogs on hot summer days:

Chilled Dog Treats

Hydration during summer is essential; we can make some icy treats to keep an appreciable water level in the dogs. To make the frozen treats, you must include your dog’s favorite eatables alongside the dog toys in a metal box and then put it in the freezer by filling it with water.

In addition, you meet the increasing demand for water in the dog’s body; you can feed him vegetables and fruits in large quantities. Some greens with high water content can be cucumbers, zucchini, celery, watermelon, apples, or peaches.

Do Not Go For Excessive Exercise

Due to temperature rise, do not engage your dog in heavy exercise with longer duration as it may create exertion and water loss in the dog. You can also schedule your exercise time to day or evening so that the dog will remain safe from bright and hot sun rays.

Moreover, if your dog’s fur is not very thick and has visible skin, there are more chances of skin allergy, which may lead to skin cancer.

Fans Are Not Reliable

When pets suffer from heat, their response is different in each breed and kind. Similarly, they are also different from humans as well. For Instance, dogs do not need fans to keep their body cool as they mostly sweat from their feet.

Therefore, fans’ effectiveness in cooling pets like dogs is unreliable. But if available you can use an air conditioner with moderate temperature.

Provide You Dog Shade And Water

When taking your dog outside, it is necessary to provide shade and avoid direct sunlight. Similarly, giving fresh, clean, and cold water is better so the body temperature may get balanced and relaxed.

You may add some ice cubes to the water when strong heat waves are feeling. Always choose shades that do not block the airflow; the trees are the best shades in the open as the ample flow of air is present under them. As the experts say that keeping the dog inside a house does not provide him relief; instead, the situation gets worsens.


Hot summer days may bring some sort of enjoyment for humans as they are filled with energy, and the air is purified from pollen particles. However, the hot weather is also a big challenge for our pet dogs due to the increased chances of heat stroke.

Therefore, we can take measures such as providing them with cool water and putting them in an air-conditioned room. When taking them outside, always look for a tree shade so that the airflow continuously from the surroundings.

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