How You Feed Your Pets Can Make Them Sick

We usually wash our hands before eating, and we also do cleanliness of utensils regularly after having a meal. But most pet parents are unaware that these same protocols are also needed when feeding their pets. So, it is a surprise that many pet owners do not follow these cleanliness habits for their pets. It is how you feed your pets that can make them sick.

If the pet food is contaminated, it is a source of multiple illnesses for your dog, which may also spread to humans. According to the FDA, contaminated pet food and treats can cause many illnesses, such as salmonellosis and listeriosis.


Dog Owners Are Unaware Of FDA Guidelines

According to a survey of 417 dog owners, only 5% were aware of the FDA guidelines. While many of the owners do not follow the recommendations. Following are the pet food and washing guidelines;

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds before handling the dog food
  • Avoid using the bowl as a scooping utensil.
  • After using the bowl and scooping utensil, you must wash it with hot water for 20 seconds.
  • After the handling of food, again wash your hands for 20 seconds

To better understand bacterial contamination from dog food dishes, the experts have researched 68 dog utensils. They have divided the people into three groups for further classification.

One group followed the FDA recommendations regarding dog food and dishes, and the other followed the guides and coped with human dishwashing protocols. While the third group did not follow any regulations, they were unwilling to follow.

By testing the results of the above investigations, the researchers found that those two groups following in conjunction with FDA rules are less developing diseases among their pet dogs than those unwilling to follow.

Many Dog Owners Are Reluctant To Follow The Guides

In addition, there were also teaching and guiding sessions for many groups, but after frequent advisory sessions, there was no reduction in food-borne diseases among pet dogs. So we can conclude that these diseases are because people are not fully complying with the guidelines or are simply reluctant to follow them.

Further research showed that a large portion of the people was unwilling to follow the FDA guidelines. Only 8% of the group decided to adhere to all the instructions of the FDA in their genuine sense. While a thin percentage, merely 20%, agreed to follow for a shorter time, they are unwilling to continue in the long run.

Final Words

If you do not want to make your pets sick, please adhere to all the instructions given by your veterinarian and the FDA.

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