Poop Scoop Bag Dispenser For Dogs

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Product Description:
Item Type: Pet Litter Bag
Material: PP
Color: Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, Light Red ,Black ,Green, Orange
Feature: Durable
Target Audience: Dogs
Width(bag mouth):23 cm/9.06″
Height:30 cm/11.81″
Width(bottom):13 cm/5.12″

1. Environment-friendly: the litter bag adopts the scientific way to make, and it can be broken down and does not pollute the environment.

2. Practical: the size of the litter bag is large enough to ensure a proper knot to contain the odor.

3. Wide Application: the reliable strength for sanitary handling for small and large dogs, cat litter boxes cleanup, baby diapers and car trash bags.

4. Portable: the package includes the three rolls of litter bags and one litter bag dispenser. The dispenser has the durable clip which you can hang the bags on the pants when travelling which is more convenient to take the bags.

5. Protective: the opaque color design can help you to mask contents.

Package Include:
3 x pet litter bag
1 x pet litter bag dispenser


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I love not picking up a steaming pile of waste anymore. I wish I bought this sooner.


It is not for larger dogs but a must-have for small or medium sized dogs. Such a great product.


I have 2 big dogs, a Great Dane, and a Goldendoodle so I got the biggest size. It sure has made cleaning up a lot easier! No mess!!


t’s easy to use. I bought the large size and it’s difficult finding large bags, but the device works as advertised. Super convenient.


So clean and easy to go from done to trash.


Walking 2 beagles daily. Very handy scooper. Makes clean-up much easier! One of our favorite walk accessories.


This scooper is perfect! I just wrap the bag in it and scoop the poop right up in one swoop. Very easy and fast cleanup


It does the job well and it’s mess free" plus the kids love it.


It is amazing. I hated picking up poop with the bag. You never touch the poop through the bag. Easy to use and throw away. So glad I purchased this.


I really hate picking up dog poop, but this helps. Works pretty good!


Used this for a few years now and it works great!!


I have a weak stomach and this works great. You don’t have to feel the warmth and can just take it straight to the garbage.


Love this device! Keeps my hands clean and the stinky stuff at arm's length.


Picking up poo is no one's favorite. Not having to feel anything warm and squishy.


I am so glad I am not using my hands anymore.

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