Puppy Kitten Nursing Milk Feeding Bottle

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Product Description:
Item Type: Pet Feeding Bottle
Material: PP, PE, Silicone
Color: Pink, Blue

Durable Target Audience: Dogs, Cats
Size: Feeding Bottle: 13 * 2cm
Medicine Feeder : 12 * 3.5cm
Size of storage box: 15 * 8cm


1. The handle is made of safe material PP, does not contain bisphenol A, is not easy to break, can be boiled and disinfected, and is safe and reliable.
2. The silicone head is made of liquid silica gel, which can be boiled and disinfected, easy to clean, safe and sanitary.
3. It is specially designed to feed medicine to kittens/dogs. It adopts the method of injecting liquid on both sides to avoid direct injection of liquid medicine into the throat and effectively prevent choking. At the same time, it is avoided that the liquid medicine passes through the baby’s taste area and causes the baby’s disgust, making it relatively simple and easy to feed the medicine.
4. Equipped with precise scales, which can easily control the dosage and feeding speed.
5.Supporting storage box, dust-proof and dirt-repellent and cleaner


Instructions: Before use, clean the entire feeder and put it in water to boil for 1-2 minutes for disinfection. Pour the liquid into the measuring cup when feeding the medicine. Use a syringe to absorb the required amount, and extend the front end of the syringe with the liquid. Put it into the baby’s mouth, then push in the liquid, and wash it after use.


Package:1 x pet nursing bottle


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The bottle and at least 2 of the teats are very useful. Has come early But has not come to house not close. I had to go to seek out the order out is the town


Product came in great condition. I recommend this pet supplies store.


Works very well for puppies that don’t have a mother to nurse from the perfect size. These are hard to find in a regular pet store.


Good value for your money with the extra nipples that come with this.


Worked wonderfully easy to clean and best of all very sturdy for this size of the bottle.


Exactly what I needed to help mother dog with too many puppies to feed.


Easy to utilize and affordable


Work out great for the new puppy.


It worked perfectly. The different-sized nipples were convenient.


Overall 5 stars because you get what you pay for. At $24.49 this is cheaply made and I doubt it will last more than 1 summer. BUT. It fits literally perfectly for our deck and is a deterrent for our dogs wandering off the deck to eat grass in our yard; they can still get under it if they want. I used zip ties and small bungee cords to attach it to the railing.


The product is just as described: mesh fabric with wall stickies to assemble. I recommend pushing the stickies onto the wall and waiting 24 hours before installing the gate to ensure they are stuck well to the wall. I am using this to keep my dog out of the kitchen and so far it has withstood the dog leaning into it.


this product. I work for a shelter and we had just recently taken in very small kittens that were sadly thrown on the side of the road. We needed a kit that would accommodate them so that we could make sure they were fed. This worked perfectly as it allowed us all different options as far as sizes of feeding tubes as well as nipples. It was perfect and it will come in handy for the future as this will not be our last opportunity to use it. We come in contact with many kittens that are abandoned. This truly saved the day and especially the life of one very small kitten who was the runt and was hard to feed. He is now thriving! Great product.


When an orphan kitten shows up in your life, you need supplies quickly!! This set was perfect for all stages of nursing!! The formula would leave residue in the bottle & didn’t come out with the brush, so I kept the bottle refrigerated after cleaning... I also got a blender bottle & spent several hours on YouTube!!! This kit has almost everything & at a great price with fast shipping!!


This kit was literally a lifesaver for a 3 week old orphaned kitten that we found. We used the mini bottle to feed her and it was a good quality product.


It's perfect. Love the fact that it has different size nipples that were extremely helpful in feeding my pups. I highly recommend it.


The quality product for the kittens. The nipple on the bottle was softer and easier for the kittens to suck.

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