Should You Test Your Dog for Diabetes?

If your dog is suffering from diabetes, he may undergo specific physical and behavioral changes that only you, as a dog owner, can notice. Therefore, as a precaution, you must ensure your dog is getting an annual examination from your vet. If you feel your dog is at risk of developing diabetes, you may increase the number of visits. This article will describe the course of action regarding diabetic testing in your dog.

Diabetes Mellitus is a hormonal problem in the dog’s body that is mainly linked with pancreas disorder. Insulin is the primary hormone produced by the pancreas that helps push the sugar “glucose” into the bloodstream.

Without insulin, body cells are desperate to get the sugar. So the body reacts to meet the demand for sugar in the blood by producing more and more sugar. So the sugar, which is not needed in more significant amounts, deposits in the dog’s body, and we call that dog suffering from blood sugar. Therefore, it is necessary to take a blood sugar test.


Need For Insuline For A Diabetic Dog

If the dog gets diabetic, we need to meet the demand for insulin in the body by some external sources. The same method is performed by many humans around the globe. Injecting the insulin into the body via a syringe. In the case of dogs, we have to put insulin at least two times a day in their bodies. In addition, we must have to continue some frequent visits to the veterinarian.

Reason To Test The Diabetes Of Your Dog

There are many reasons why you should test the diabetes of your dog. Some of the common ones are:

You Can Save Life

Due to secondary complications and infections, diabetes mellitus can reduce the lifespan of your dog. Diabetes impairs immunity and increases the risk of diabetic complications, which can harm your dog in the long run.

You Can Save The Vision Of Your Dog

Due to excessive sugar levels in the body, dogs often go blind. If you can control the sugar levels in the body, the surplus sugar affects the lens of the eye; It increases the amount of water that enters the lens, impairing its clarity. This may result in blindness or inflammation of the eyes.

Saving Of Money

As we know, if your dog gets diabetic, he will not live without insulin. It is better to keep an eye on your dog’s sugar level rather than going to fulfill the enormous expenses of sugar treatment. For instance, if your dog gets sugar, you must pay extra insulin expenses, which you must apply twice a day, syringes, vet trips, and blood tests.

The Dog Will Control Its Urine

The most apparent symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus are excessive drinking, frequent urination, and accidents at home. Dogs with hyperglycemia are also more likely to develop urinary tract infections, which can ruin your carpet.

Your Dog Will Remain Healthy

As a responsible dog owner, you always think your dog should be healthy. So if you are testing for diabetes before it occurs, this action will satisfy you so that you can ensure that you are providing the best healthcare to your dog and that he is healthy.


A diabetic pet requires dedicated pet parents who can administer twice-daily insulin injections, which is a significant commitment. It is necessary to visit the vet frequently to control a diabetic dog’s blood sugar. So long as they receive the proper care and treatment, dogs can live with diabetes for years.

We believe it is better to test your dog’s sugar levels to ensure the pet is free from diabetes, and if the sugar levels are higher, you may get the appropriate treatment before things get worse.

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