Top Cat Health Tips

There are a few complex ways to keep the cat healthy and in good shape. We share some easy and common tricks you can apply to your cat for better results.

Moreover, it is better to provide the right food alongside necessary care to your cat so that it may become a source of joy rather than a problem for you. Below are some tips to help you deliver the best of your love and care to your pet.


Brush The Cat Daily

Brushing the cat is necessary; it gives a great outlook to our cats. However, in terms of internal health, it is also vital to brush the cats so that the loose hair may not reach into the guts and create the digestive tract.

Cats always love to groom themselves, so they spend a lot of time rubbing their mouth over the skin. If we, the owners, are not providing them proper grooming, the loose hair can reach their insights and cause a hairball which is a highly undesirable condition. The best way is to brush the cats before every meal so that cat considers it a helpful thing.

Minimize Feeding Dry Food

The stomachs and interiors of cats are different from dogs. Dogs can eat vegetables for some time but for cats cannot tolerate a small portion of a vegetarian diet. Thus, always consider a meal with meat as a prime ingredient.

In addition, if you are feeding your kitty a large amount of dry food, you are increasing the intake of carbs in the diet, which is not suitable for the cat. The increased amount of dry food feeding in scats may lead to type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Always Keep The Cat Hydrated

Cats evolved from their ancestors, who mostly lived in deserts, showing that cats and dogs have different origins. Cats need more water and usually take their needs from the food we serve them.

Cats are fond of eating a mouse containing almost 70% water. Canned food contains 78% water, but dry food only has 5-10% water. So if you are giving dry food to your cat, always keep in mind the water needs. Similarly, the cats in their older age and the nursing ones need more water.

Litter Boxes

If you have more than one kitty at your home, you may provide a little box for each cat and an extra one. For instance, if you have three cats at home, you can feed four litter boxes for them.

In addition, it is essential to know the placement of these litter boxes; if you place them in a dark corner or in the basement, are cats willing to use them there? So remember the boxes where the cats can easily see and approach them as per their nature.


While keeping cats in your home, you can take care of a few things to make them healthy and happy. The first thing is to provide good quality food to your cat. If your pets are healthy, naturally, they will also be a source of happiness for you.

Remember that cats and dogs have different food requirements, as cats do not like vegetable-based diets, but for dogs, we can feed a little green as well. Grooming of cats is essential to avoid the collection of hair in their guts. You have to ensure that the cat takes enough water throughout its diet. If you are feeding dry food, ensure the cat is getting hydrated from external freshwater sources.

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