Why Do Cats Like To Lick?

Cat licking is expected behavior that is experienced by most cat owners. In fact, a cat’s tongue acts like a spoon, which they often use for grooming purposes. So licking is present in the instincts of cats.

In addition, cats love to be neat and clean, so they spend most of their day licking their fur. Sometimes many cat parents wonder why the cats like to lick. So in this article, we will describe the possible reasons for this licking behavior.

We cannot describe anything as a final verdict to describe the reason for cats’ licking. Still, the below-mentioned reasons follow the experiences of many expert veterinarians.


To Show Affection

It is not just the grooming; cats often lick to show affection. The cats are lovely and social creatures; they usually lick humans and other cats to create a love relationship and strengthen their social bonds.

We can also say that a cat’s licking behavior is extracted from its mother when she licked her as a child. This licking is proper to show care and utmost affection for the baby. Therefore cats are transferring the same behavior to humans and other cats.

As A Sign Of Territorial Mark

In addition to cheek rubbing, scratching, and, regrettably, spraying, cats may also “mark their territory” by licking. In this instance, if your cat is licking you, it’s to let other cats or animals know you are theirs.

The cats lick you because they wants to tell other cats and animals that they belong to you in that area.


Cats lick each other to groom themselves; the same behavior is repeated in our company. Cats cannot understand that licking humans does not affect their grooming, while it is their utterly natural behavior.

In addition, cats who live in groups usually groom each other, and one is the leader in grooming. Some experts also say that cat wants to become the grooming leader when she grooms humans.

Licking To Get A Taste

Sometimes, licking is related to the taste buds of cats. They like something which they feel is delicious on our skin. There might be some food residue particles on our skin that cats are eager to lick.

The only mammals known to be unable to taste sweets are cats. Even though cats’ tongues are designed for grooming, they actually have a much more subdued sense of taste than people.

Attention Grabbing

If the cats want your attention, they usually lick you. Attention-grabbing can be for many reasons, such as wanting to eat food or looking for treats they usually lick their owners.

Licking the owners is like any other cat behavior, like pawing and meowing.

How to Stop Cat From Licking

Distraction is the best way to get a cat to stop licking you to prevent making your cat feel this way. Playing with your cat is our first recommended diversionary strategy.

Because you are interacting with them and spending time with them, your cat will still feel as though you want them in this situation. Wands and balls are excellent cat toys for diversion.


Licking is a widespread instinctive behavior of cats. Some experts say cat licking is an inherited habit from their mother while licking them in their pup age. In addition, there are also several reasons for licking by cats. They want to get your attention, think that licking may groom you, are looking for something tasty on your skin, and may wish to mark the boundaries of their region, or simply want to show thankfulness.

If you are annoying with licking behavior, you can stop or distract the cats by giving them cat toys.

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