Why Do Dogs Like To Lick?

There are many reasons why dogs like to lick. Some are medical, while others can be related to behavioral. Sometimes, the dogs just occasionally lick you. It is a sign of a bond with you. However, with constant licks, we often get bored. But on the other hand, the dog wants to tell us about the love it has for us, so our frustration does not mean anything to them. In this article, we are going to tell you the reasons why dogs like to lick.

One of the significant medical reasons for licking is the release of endorphins which in turn make the dog calm and peaceful. In addition, licking is also an instinctive behavior of dogs; in their pup age, dogs were frequently licked by their mother to calm them and give soothing comfort. In turn, puppies give lovely licks to each other and their moms.



The mother licks her puppies to clear their nostrils for proper breathing and improves the blood flow in younger dogs. The more they lick each other, the more strong bond of love is created between the mother and the child,  which shows a sign of affection between them. Therefore, we can say that puppies lick each other, dogs lick each other, and their owners show signs of love.


Licking is also done by many dogs as they discover the taste and smell of many things. For instance, licking the urine and feces of other dogs is probably a way of understanding them.

We can further say that the dogs can tell who tastes good or bad by licking. The residual food on our skin and also the saltish content is loved by our canine friends, so they lick to enjoy the taste. This fantastic taste is loved by dogs, and they usually explore it by licking.


When in the wild, wolves often lick their mother to tell them they need food, and then the mother arranges for them. So licking can be an act of communication between mother and their cubs. Nowadays, dogs also lick the mouth of one other, which can be an act of communication between the two.

Secondly, dogs want to know the intentions of their owners and some strangers, so they try to lick their bodies or faces.

Getting Attention

Dogs often lick their owners to get attention or reward. For instance, if a dog licks us and we respond positively, it will help the dog achieve its goal. It gives the dog more encouragement, even if you are just trying to get them off you.

Medical Issue

If the dog is constantly licking you in the same place, it could be a medical issue such as skin allergy, anxiety, or sensitive skin. Thus, if your dog is licking you at the same spot repeatedly, it is better to consult the veterinarian about the issue for a proper diagnosis and treatment. If the problem is due to skin sensitivity, we can control it properly and effectively with diet.


Licking is sometimes part of dogs’ behavior; they lick when they want to show affection and create a bond of love. While this licking is also an instinctive behavior as the mother dog usually licks her cubs.

Similarly, the dogs lick to taste and smell and use licking for communication purposes. Your pup also wants a treat from you or to grab your attention, so it does lick you.

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