Winter Shoes 4 Pcs Set For Dogs

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Please measure your pet’s size before buying this product. We will not be responsible if wrong size is chosen.


The pet shoes is fashion accessory for your pet especially of the rainy-day.

It helps keep dog’s paws dry and comfortable in wet weather.

Good protection dog’s paws, to prevent the dog’s paws was stabbed.

Features good crimple resistance and comfortable Rain-proof material.

Material: Space leather plush lining
Size: 5 Size for choose
Size Shoes Width Shoes Length
1 3.5cm/1.37″ 4.4cm/1.73″
2 3.8cm/1.49″ 4.7cm/1.85″
3 4.0cm/1.57″ 5.0cm/1.96″
4 4.4cm/1.73″ 5.5cm/2.16″
5 4.8cm/1.88″ 6.0cm/2.36 “

Item Included: 1 Set X Pet Boots (4pcs)


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Quite well achieved and with the right fasteners


Excellent product!


These boots are so easy to put on. I’ve bought other styles before and struggled. But these are like a dream come true. My dog is totally fine walking in them also. But the best part is how easy they are to put on. The size is very accurate. The store is very fast to ship, and our communications have been wonderful. I recommend buying from this person. I will be back for sure.




Perfect fit for a small dog.


My little dog loves them and she cannot wait to get on for her morning walk.


So hard to find! - These work A+...Good protection.


The lining is very soft but it is only around the ankles. The dog has adjusted to them quite easily.


Easy to put and take out. I have a Bichon Frise and he gets messy with the rain and snow melted. He used it when it was wet outside. Never use it for walks. They are very soft he doesn’t complain when he has them on. He even runs around the yard.


They are made very nice and cozy for her paws and help keep her feet warm.


This medium size fixed my Yorkipoo he is 9 pounds the medium size is perfect for him.


My dog got used to them really quickly and they are super cute!

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